Friday, October 1, 2010

Linking Waters: Free Training from 10:10 to 2:10pm

Linking Waters reclaiming urban water for jobs, environment and food.

Learn how to install simple earthworks solutions on your property
Join us for free training on October 10, 2010
beginning at 10:10 am to 2:10 pm.

For more information contact Michelle Smith

Working together with RiverLink, Waterlinks, LLC and Urban Paradise Gardening, Linking Waters will demonstrate grassroots solutions for reclaiming urban water that people can implement on their own property, in many cases using tools no more complex than a shovel.

Please bring: your lunch, some gloves and any tools you may have that are good for digging and raking. We'll have some tools as well.

Participants will receive training in the following rain-water infiltration methods:
  • Using an A-frame level
  • Curb restoration and berm building
  • Building diversion swales w/ gabions
  • Building an infiltration berm and swale
  • Building french drains and soaker works
  • Sheet mulching

    The goals of the LinkingWaters are :
    • Demonstrate safe, effective, easily accessible methods and materials that a large portion of a community can use to increase the amount of water stored in the soil and replenish the ground water.

    • Measure the reduction in storm water runoff and contaminating sediment, the increase in groundwater infiltration and the cost savings to property owners.

    • Demonstrate the potential for creating green jobs and building positive relationships in the community.

    Though the first demonstration will be at Michelle Smith's home, the goal is to replicate this at 10 or more residences in the neighborhood watershed. Our hope for the LinkingWaters project is that the solutions we demonstrate and learn from will be adopted in other neighborhoods in Asheville and throughout the US. We believe real solutions for urban jobs, environment and food are possible at the local neighborhood level. As a matter of fact, we strongly suspect that real solutions will be impossible otherwise.

    Directions to the site:
  • From West:
    240 East to Patton Avenue Exit.
    Right on Asheland Avenue
    3rd light - Right on Choctaw
    4th house on Right.
  • From South
    25 North (McDowell Street)
    pass Asheville High and go under the small tunnel
    Left at next light onto Choctaw
    4th house on the Right.
  • From North:
    26 E to dowtown exit then left onto Patton.
    Right on Asheland Avenue
    3rd light - Right on Choctaw
    4th house on Right.
  • From East:
    240 W to Charlotte Street
    Continue across College then across Biltmore Ave
    Charlotte Street becomes Southside.
    2nd light - Left on McDowell
    Next light -- Right on Choctaw
    4th house on the Right.

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For more information contact Michelle Smith
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